3-day estate sale

thursday, friday & saturday

january 13, 14 & 15


Thursday, January 13th, Doors will open promptly at 8AM (Closing 5PM)

Friday, January 14th, Doors will open by 8AM (Closing 4PM)

Half-Price Saturday, January 15th, Doors will open promptly at 9AM (Closing Noon)

1212 Park Drive

hillsboro, texas


This home is located on the far east end of Park Drive, not far from the WalMart area.


Parking will be on the streets surrounding the home.


sale description


Items include Dining Room, Bedroom (Includes Set of Twin Beds) & Office Furniture, Spindletop Trunk, Steamer Trunk, Vintage Chrome Dinette Set, Glassware, Barware, Fiesta, Vintage Bookends, Cast Iron Cookware, Room of Books, Electronics Room, Radio Transceivers, Old Radios, Fishing Gear, Some Tools and More!  Most items are shown in the photos below.



items in the showcase area

items in the dining room

items in the kitchen/breakfast area

items in Book room/Office

items in the downstairs bedroom/hallway

items in electronics & more room

items in the upstairs area

items in garage

upcoming sales


3-Day Estate Sale January 13, 14 & 15 in Hillsboro


3-Day Estate Sale February 24, 25 & 26 in Whitney


Other sales are scheduled and dates will be posted when contracts are signed.