Mansfield estate sale

The field parking for this large estate sale will be in an area outside the home's gated entry and walking will be required.  Good weather will be necessary and the sale has been postponed from the original dates because of a forecast of a rainy week.  We have moved the sale dates to June 6, 7 & 8 and will watch the weather forecast for that week.


The estate sale will be conducted in two locations:  the home inside a gated entry and a workshop that is located about a half-mile from the home.  Banners and signs will lead you to the correct locations and parking for each of the above.


Field parking will be available at the workshop location.  For the home, you will be able to pull into the gated driveway to drop-off/pick-up passengers and pick-up previously purchased small items.  The driver of each vehicle must park in a field located a good walking distance from the home.


Since the home's driveway will be needed for passenger drop-off/pick-up and the pick-up of small purchases, there will be designated times for loading of large furniture items:  Thursday 5:30PM-7PM, Friday 4:30PM-6PM and Saturday 1PM-3PM.

3-day estate sale

Thursday, friday and saturday

June 6. 7 & 8

Thursday, June 6th, Doors Open Promptly 8AM (Closing 5PM) 


Friday, June 7th, Doors Open Promptly 8AM (Closing 4PM)


Half-Price Saturday, June 8th, Doors Open Promptly at 9AM (Closing Noon)



in mansfield

exact address will be posted week of sale


Driving directions will be posted week of sale.


There will be no parking available inside the gated entry to the home.  Parking will be available in a nearby field and so, walking will be necessary.  Customers who can not walk the distance will need to make arrangements to visit the sale with a friend who can drop them off at the home's location and park the car in the available field.


You will be able to enter the driveway to the home for dropping off and picking up passengers and picking up your small purchases.  Loading of large furniture items will be during designated periods. There will be an attendant at the gate.


The location for the workshop sale is about half a mile from the estate home location.  Signs will lead you to the workshop and there will be parking in a separate field in that area for the workshop.


sale description


We are now pricing in the home and will post photos as we work in each room.  See the photos below that have already been posted and check back to see the additional photos in each area.







We've starting posting photos of the home for you to enjoy.  This is a large home and a separate sale with the workshop.  We are dividing the photos into different rooms of the home and then, of course, the workshop area.  There will be at least nine areas of photos when complete, so you will need to check back here to see additional photos as they are posted.

dining room

family room




linen room

dolls, crafts, sewing, art supplies rooms

separate building by the house

workshop items at separate location from home

upcoming sales



Any future changes will be shown here and on our Facebook page.


Three-Day Sale: Thursday, Friday and Saturday, June 6, 7 & 8 in Mansfield (Must have dry weather.)


Two-Day Sale: Friday and Saturday, June 14 & 15 near Clifton


Three-Day Sale: Thursday, Friday and Saturday, June 27, 28 & 29 in Malone