3-Day estate sale


october 18, 19 & 20

Thursday,  October 18th, Doors Open Promptly 8AM (Closing 5PM) 


FridayOctober 19th, Doors Open by 8AM (Closing 4PM)


Half-Price SaturdayOctober 20th, Doors Open Promptly at 9AM (Closing Noon)

Hillsboro, Texas



Driving directions will be posted week of sale.

sale description


Sale description will be added when we begin working in the home.


upcoming sales


Any future changes will be shown here and on our Facebook page.


Three-Day Sale: Thursday, Friday and Saturday, September 27-29 in Itasca


Three-Day Sale: Thursday, Friday and Saturday, October 18-20 in Hillsboro


Three-Day Sale: Thursday, Friday and Saturday, October 25-27 in Clifton  


Sales are now scheduled for November and December.  Dates will be available soon.